103rd & Western Currency Exchange

103rd & Western Currency Exchange

10257 S. Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60643
Phone: 773-239-4300
Fax: 773-239-5840

Monday – Saturday 7am – 10pm
Sunday 9am – 6pm


ATM/cash advance
This location has ATM services at the window. Simply bring your card up to the window. Ask to unload some money off your card. We will process and show you a pad to put your pin in. We do not make a whirring sounds as we process your transaction, and we do not pass out only $20.00 bills. If you need to unload 28.00 We can do that. 104.00 yep. that too. At the window we unload any debit card for almost any amount of money. These machines also do Cash advances from your credit card. The process is easy enough. Just know that we ask for a little documentation.
Authorized Agent AT&T
As a payment agent for AT&T, consumers can be sure to get instant credit. Our hours make payments easy. Check payments for ATT are taken at this location.
Authorized Com Ed. Pending Payment Center
Yep, we take Nicor for your gassy needs. We offer immediate credit on your account. Just like gas sometimes gives you immediate relief we too offer immediate credit, relieving you of the fear of getting our gas shut off today. We also take checks for payments made to NICOR. Come on in and get some relief.
Authorized Agent Nicor
You have to keep the lights on. Nobody wants to go without. When a payment needs to be made, we offer same day one hour credit for our customers to ensure that the lights stay on. This service does not allow for check payments but cash is king and will get you the credit you deserve.
Authorized Agent Nicor
Peoples gas heats you up. You cook up a storm but only recall just now that a payment must be put in today. Pay here and get same day credit so that the gas keeps flowing. We do not take checks for this peoples gas service. This location is a bit down the road from Chicago, there may be closer peoples gas payment locations to choose. that being said, come on in the gas is on and we are taking payments.
Bill Payments
At all Currency Exchange locations, you can pay your gas, water, electric, telephone and most cell phone and cable TV bills. Since your payment is handled electronically, your account is credited within 24-48 hours. For faster service, please bring your bill or provide your account number.

For more information about Currency Exchange Electronic Bill Pay services, please enter your name and email address below.
Check Cashing
All our Currency Exchanges, this one included, can cash the following checks: payroll, government, pension, 401K, rollover, unemployment, workmen’s compensation, insurance, tax refund, cashier checks, money orders, travelers, lottery, lottery winnings, company, and personal checks*. All you need to do is present your photo identification (driver’s license, state ID, passport, armed services card, etc.) and we will take care of the rest! Check cashing, the way it should be….. We also specialize in cashing company checks. Checks payable to your company, your receivables, checks you need to cash. Through our office and locations we have the expertise to get your checks cashed fast. Contact us today for the details. We will give you the personal attention needed to get your transactions complete. Call 708-507-7000 for real personal attention. Specializing in company checks means we go out of our way to take care of you. *Our ability to take personal checks is limited. Please ask the teller and get our details.
City of Chicago Vehicle Stickers
Our locations at 103rd & Western Currency Exchange, Oak Park & Belmont Currency Exchange, 147th & Dixie Hwy. Currency Exchange, 147th & Halsted Currency Exchange, Sibley Blvd. at the Calumet Expressway Currency Exchange, distribute City of Chicago Vehicle Stickers. City stickers for all weight classes, Senior city stickers. These stickers can be sold with the Zone stickers as needed.
City of Harvey Vehicle Stickers
This location sells City stickers for the City of Harvey from December 1st, Current Registration will be needed to prove Harvey residency. We will get you in and out quickly because who needs to wait too long to pay a vehicle tax.
Coin & Currency Change
Do you have a business that needs singles? We got them for you. Do you have an extra amount of laundry and need a box of quarters? We have individual rolled coins as well as bulk amounts to fit any need to get cash or coin for your personal or business use. Drug dealers need not apply.
Cook County Vital Records (birth, death & marriage licenses)
In one convenient location, let us help you! Did you get married and now your kids don’t believe you? We can help. Do you need to get a birth certificate for your son’s baseball coach or camp? How about a death certificate to prove that you have been brain dead for a generation (well maybe not)….. Get this stuff done at this currency exchange. we will order and put in your hands, proof for your next run for president, before any birthers come out and make claims, a beautiful official copy of your cook county birth certificate. You can receive certified copies of death, marriage, or birth certificates from cook county. They are delivered directly to our locations by armored car service. To obtain a copy of a birth certificate for an individual 18 years or older, please provide a driver’s license or state ID. A parent needs to be present and provide ID to obtain a copy of a birth certificate for someone under the age of 18. To obtain a copy of your marriage certificate, you must provide a driver’s license or state ID. unlike the wedding only one party needs to be present to get the certified copy of your marriage certificate.. To obtain a copy of a death certificate, a member of the family of the deceased must present their driver’s license or state ID.
Copy Service
We offer quick service for any copy needs. We have 8X11 or 8 X14 paper. No color copies available at this time. If you have a computer file you need printed (copied), we offer a way for you to send us the file and we will get your the paper you so desperately need.
Credit/Debit Card Cash Advances
We load many pre paid debit cards. We unload MOST debit cards. We sell a prepaid debit card (Green Dot). These convenient debit cards can be used for anything- shopping, dining, traveling, or ON-line purchases! In fact if you already have a Green Dot card we can get you one of ours and save you MONEY! Thats right use up the first one and use ours. It will save you money on loading and purchasing. Get Green Dot from us and SAVE. Cash Advance with your credit card might be the best way to get cash in your hands. There are fees that apply but nobody said there is free lunch here or there.
Fax Services
We send and receive fax for fans for faxing and everyone else too. Faxing is a part of life. If your a contract employee forwarding hours, contractor sending bids, Landlord sending leases, student sending transcripts, faxing is a great way to put your paper in someone else’s hands. Fax machines are on 24 – 7 if it positively has to be received overnight night.
Foreign Currency Exchange
Did you just get a tip in cash but it turned out to be from another country ? We exchange foreign currency. Yep bring in Euros and get good old American hard currency! Did Sadam send you some new Dinar? bring them in and we will get you green backs. Fees apply, when do fees not apply? We take in pessos and give pennies. Actually we handle a large amount of different countries money so bring it in and let us see if we can exchange. By the way we only do paper money, our exchange company has not market for getting rid of coins.
Free Money Orders
We do not offer this grattis right now. Every time you go into get a money order from us, ask when they will be free. One day we might be crazy enough to say that today is the day.
Greendot Prepaid Cards
We got these cards. They are great for on line purchasing, gas buying, or simply using for shade on a sunny day. Green Dot is good, thats why we offer this card. We offer you a way to pay, all you gotta do is come up with the money and pay.
Ice Prepaid Cards
Although we no longer sell these cards, we can unload and load them all day long. It is a good product and worth keeping. Ice is nice.
Sticker Renewals
This really is state license plate renewal or annual car tax. What ever you call it you need to renew it every year. We can supply you with that sticker for your plate. Avoid any late fees by renewing the sticker before the 30 day grace period is up. The Police however will not be so nice. If they catch you the first hours after the month shown on your sticker is up, they will be ticketing you for having expired plates. SOMETIMES you may get away with a warning but do not take a chance. Get your new sticker before the month is over and you will be A O K.
Tax Processing
Did you know you can have a trained Tax Preparer complete your Income Taxes?
Some Currency Exchanges offer income tax preparation services. Please call your local Currency Exchange for details.
Title Services
Title services include getting you a new title for your new car. A lost title for your existing car. Changing a title on a car that has to be changed. Generally, people get their title at the same time as their license plates. Before you order a replacement title for your car, try looking in the glove box or in your dresser drawers.
Money Orders
Currency Exchanges have issued over 300 million money orders since 1937. They are affordable, recognized worldwide, easily cashed and are guaranteed. Get your money orders here with us, they never bounce, are always good looking and are safer than cash. Be sure to keep your copy of the money order separate and in a safe place, like your glove box or dresser drawer.
Notary Service
This location offers Notary Public services to the public. We verify your signature so bring in your identification. We do notary for almost all transactions. We skip the transfer of real estate transactions because there are extra recording requirements which we are unable to control. Otherwise, we will notarize everything on anything as long as you’re paying the killer price of 1.00 per stamp.
Simply bring us all of your copy or fax needs and we can do the rest for you. It’s that easy! Even if you have to get a copy of a file from your computer we will help you get yours copied.
Postage Stamps
Simply put, we sell postage stamps. We have books of stamps, stamped envelopes, individual stamps.
Prepaid Phone Cards
We offer a variety of phone cards for your talking needs. Simply come in and tell us what you have, we get you the minutes your deserve.
Do you need to make a call but can not find a pay phone. We have prepaid phone right here on site for you walk out the door talking. Then when you have talked so much that you need to put more minutes on your phone. Come on back and we will help you keep on talking. We sell pre paid flip or smart phones, as available.
Secure Check
Direct Deposit. Our direct deposit product is called Securecheck. We have hundreds of clients at this location sending their checks to be delivered electronically to our doors. We print your check and you can cash it on the spot or run out the door. Direct deposit if becoming mandatory but there are options to get your cash every time right away. Easy Peasy. Direct deposit your social security check every month. Direct deposit your Retirement check every month. Direct deposit your payroll check to us everytime you get paid. If your job requires an account to have your check sent to, use Securecheck. The details are easy. Call us or stop in for the direct deposit product the way it should be. No need for a card, no need for a standard bank account. This system get cash in your hands to help you get stuff done.
Western Union
We offer money transfer. Transfer money to your x homeland. transfer money to your new friends. transfer money anywhere for any reason. Western Union is always the easy way to transfer your money to someone else. Drug dealers need not apply.